We are more than just a business.  We are a community of people that is interested in living longer, better, and stronger.  Our goal is to be instrumental in helping people maximize their ability to live life to its fullest while minimizing the pain, soreness, and recovery time associated with it; continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Adam & Jonalyn Dusewicz

President & CEO

The Beach Cities Cryo ownership team consists of Adam and Jonalyn Dusewicz.  Adam has a legal background and a 20 year career in sales and management.  Jonalyn also has a 20 year sales career in the finance industry.  Adam is a former Division I basketball player and high jumper at the University of Miami (FL) and Jonalyn is an avid beach volleyball player who also trains for triathlons.   Each is very attuned to their body, athletic performance, workout recovery, and recovery from injury.  As two former competitive athletes and now maturing weekend warriors, Adam and Jonalyn saw an opportunity to serve a large percentage of the population that is seeking quicker recovery, better performance, and an escape from prescription medication for pain relief.  And thus, Beach Cities Cryo was created in 2015 with each modality revolving around recovery, reducing inflammation, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Backed by science and the use of major personalities like LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather, Tony Robbins, and Joe Rogan, the results their modalities produce have been far beyond what anyone could have ever expected.  As a result, Beach Cities Cryo has become a thought leader and model for other businesses in the Health & Wellness industry.

Wellness Advisors

Brennon Smith

Wellness Advisor & Social Media Assistant

Brennan attended Mira Costa High School and played soccer for four years.  After graduating, he attended El Camino College where he played soccer for two years also.  He transferred to California State University, Dominguez Hills with a B.A. in Kinesiology in May 2019. 

His favorite modality/service at Beach Cities Cryo is Compression Therapy because it’s relaxing, easy-to-do, and his legs are sore a lot from soccer.  He also loves watching Netflix while doing Compression Therapy.  He enjoys working at Beach Cities Cryo because of the people/clients, the facility, and having the ability to change people’s lives.  Has worked at BCC since April 2018.  Brennan loves playing/watching and coaching soccer.  His favorite food is pizza and he idolizes Zlatan Ibrahimovic the soccer player. 

Cathleen Macabitas

Wellness Advisor & Group Coordinator

Cat is the youngest member of team BCC and is still working on her degree in accounting at El Camino College. She has been a caregiver for over two years so she’s pretty well trained with those in need despite her choice of major. She also worked at LAX for a couple years, so she has plenty of experience in customer service.  

She loves working at BCC because it opens its doors to people from all walks of life and she loves getting to know each an every one of them. Our members and clients know that she always finds something to smile and laugh about! Her favorite modality is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It helps her feel grounded and instantly recuperate from her hectic weekly schedule of both school and work. A hobby of hers includes watching documentaries, so give her your suggestions when you come visit our facility! 

Elia Lizarraga

Assitant Manager & Social Media Director

EL’s full name is Elia but was given the nickname EL in college and it stuck with her ever since. She received her B.S. in Cellular & Molecular Biology from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii (CUH) where she attended for four years on a softball scholarship. Softball was a huge part of her life, playing competitively from the age of 8 til she was 22 years old. Although she no longer plays softball, she remains active by working out at The BluePrint LA regularly and practicing yoga almost every single day. Upon graduating from CUH she began working at a holistic health and wellness center in Honolulu under a renowned Naturopathic Doctor. There she gained plenty of knowledge and experience helping people heal as well as running a successful business.

EL’s favorite modality at Beach Cities Cryo is the infrared sauna because who doesn’t love to sweat while doing absolutely nothing?! She loves working at Beach Cities Cryo because to her it is a sanctuary for all types of people. Whether someone is dealing with an autoimmune disease or an athletic injury, they are coming for the same reason, to escape the harmful ways of Western medicine and treat their body with holistic therapies in order to live a vibrant, healthy life.  She occasionally mentions how she wishes she had access to all the therapies at BCC during her collegiate softball career.

Fun Facts: EL has been vegan for over 3 years, is also a huge Kpop fan and proud BTS A.R.M.Y., and her favorite type of cuisine is Japanese food.

Molly Johnson

Wellness Advisor & Events Coordinator

Molly graduated from Western Oregon University with a bachelors in Business with a minor in entrepreneurship and a minor in visual communication design. Molly has always enjoyed playing sports and being active. She played volleyball and softball until the end of high school. In college, she began running and weight lifting as a way to stay active. She is now an avid runner, having participated in countless 10k races and half marathons. She also loves working out at the Blue Print LA. Her favorite service is compression because it helps her recover from workouts and keeps her legs fresh after her runs. She enjoys working at Beach Cities Cryo because she gets to whiteness first hand the impact the holistic services BBC offers has on the lives of their clients. A fun fact about Molly is that she is from Oregon and loves to explore the outdoors. She wants to eventually visit all the National Parks in the United States

Nora Graseck

Wellness Advisor & Graphic Designer

Nora has experience in customer service in the health and wellness industry and enjoys helping our clients achieve their healing goals. Her favorite modalities are compression therapy and the infrared sauna. Nora is also an artist and designer, whose mediums include fine art portraiture, illustration, graphic design, and photography.

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