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Our studio offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge therapies, including whole body cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, infrared sauna, compression therapy, Celluma LED light, halotherapy, whole body red light, and PEMF.

Since 2016, we have been dedicated to elevating the health and well-being of our Beach Cities communities with our innovative services that are designed to rejuvenate your body, refresh your mind, and restore your spirit.

Whether you're an athlete seeking peak performance or recovery, a busy professional craving stress relief, a patient looking to manage symptoms of a health ailment or anyone in between, discover how our holistic treatments can help you feel your best, reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, boost energy, and enhance overall well-being.


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  • Martin Devis


    What an amazing experience that left my fiance and me in awe! I highly recommend the Beach Cities Cryo & Wellness.

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  • Leslie Donigan


    I found the whole experience very comfortable and enjoyable. The young lady that helped me

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  • Tabitha Pennington


    "The Halo"
    I suffered severe bronchi asthma while on vacation, couldn't breathe and I was hospitalized until January 1. The Halo-Salt Chamber at Beach Cities Cryo saved me.

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Cryotherapy Questions

What is Cryotherapy technology?

Whole body cryotherapy exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period, which triggers a physiological response. The cold causes blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, which improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. This process also releases endorphins, providing pain relief and boosting overall mood.

A study titled "Whole-body cryotherapy in athletes" published in the Journal of Thermal Biology in 2014 discusses the benefits and mechanisms of whole body cryotherapy, including its effects on recovery and performance.

Reference: Lubkowska, A., Dolegowska, B., & Szygula, Z. (2014). Whole-body cryotherapy in athletes. Journal of Thermal Biology, 39(1), 1-6.

Additional Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5411446/

What do I wear?

We provide tall, dry socks, mittens, and slippers. For women, we recommend a sports bra and underwear with no plastics or metals. For men, we recommend shorts or boxers.

No wet or sweaty clothing is allowed.  If you plan to do an infrared sauna or work out beforehand, please bring a change of undergarments to wear for cryotherapy.

Why do you check blood pressure?

The machine can potentially raise your blood pressure by 10-20 points. Safety is our first priority and want to ensure every client is at a safe level before doing Cryotherapy.

How long is the Cryotherapy session?

The actual session lasts 2-3 min.

One of our wellness advisors will be with you during your entire session.

The entire process can take between anywhere between 5-15mins from start to finish.

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