About Us

Beach Cities Cryo & Wellness, nestled in Torrance, is more than just a wellness studio; it's a beacon of holistic health and community support. Our mission is simple: to help individuals live healthier, more fulfilling lives through personalized care, innovative services, and a supportive community environment. Our vision is to elevate the community’s health, through the use of accessible, cutting-edge technology. We envision a future where wellness is not just a destination for a few, but a transformative journey celebrated by all.

Our core values guide our operations and staff (affectionately called “The Chill Crew”) - Health, Nature, Empowerment, Innovation, Transformation, Community, and Integrity.

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative therapies tailored to elevate your well-being including cryotherapy, infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen, halotherapy (aka salt), compression, PEMF, LED and red light. We stand out from the competition by offering a personalized, compassionate, welcoming approach prioritizing quality over quantity and research-based knowledge over mere trends. We believe in creating a supportive community where individuals can connect, support each other, and celebrate their wellness journeys together.

The story behind our studio is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to holistic health. Jen and Mark, the driving forces behind Beach Cities Cryo & Wellness, discovered a shared desire to create a sanctuary for well-being amidst the chaos of modern life. Jen, armed with degrees in Nutrition, Public Health & Kinesiology, had temporarily put aside her dreams to pursue a legal career, while Mark, a lifelong athlete, understood the importance of prioritizing health. Their lives took a transformative turn when the opportunity arose to acquire Beach Cities Cryo & Wellness in 2022.

Established in 2016 and inspired by pioneers like Dave Asprey's Upgrade Labs, Beach Cities Cryo & Wellness was already ahead of its time. However, under Jen and Mark's leadership, the studio has continued to flourish into a haven for wellness seekers. Jen's unwavering passion for well-being infuses every aspect of our operations, while Mark's dedication to exploring innovative paths ensures that we remain at the forefront of the latest wellness practices.

Together, Jen and Mark have breathed new life into Beach Cities Cryo & Wellness, creating a space where individuals can embark on their journey towards optimal health and vitality. 

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